APTech is a national leader in airport pavement management systems (APMS).

APTech helps clients implement a system, maximize the usefulness of an existing system, or provide training in pavement evaluation or the use of the PAVER pavement management software. APTech has completed more than 70 APMS projects for 29 states and individual APMS for dozens of large-, medium-, and small-hub airports as well as Department of Defense facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company has also conducted more than 3,700 airfield Pavement Condition Index (PCI) evaluations and calculated Pavement Classification Numbers (PCNs) for hundreds of airports.


APTech can perform an initial implementation or update of a system, or we can help with those areas where you need assistance, including:

• Visual pavement evaluations using the PCI methodology.

• Pavement testing, including the assessment of structural capacity using our heavy weight falling weight deflectometer (FWD).

• PAVER database updates and customization.

• Maintenance and rehabilitation planning.

• Pavement design.

Web-based access for your pavement management data and recommendations

Training in pavement evaluation and the use of the PAVER software.

Interactive Data Exchange Applications

idea screenshotAPTech develops Interactive Data Exchange Applications (IDEAs) for many clients. These programs combine the use of maps, photographs, and links, allowing the viewer to quickly identify pavement conditions and needs at a specific airport or throughout the state. These programs can be run directly from a CD or easily hosted on a website.

Check out some of the IDEAs we've developed for these Departments of Transportation:

Recent Projects


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