APTech can expertly assist state and local transportation agencies in the development of Transportation Asset Management Plans (TAMPs).


These agencies are using asset management as the framework by which to respond to growing demands on the highway system, an aging infrastructure, an uncertain fiscal environment, and greater public expectations for improved transparency and accountability in agency decisions. Asset management improves agency effectiveness by using performance data to ensure that investment decisions are aligned with the agency’s strategic objectives.


APTech specializes in helping State agencies in particular respond to the requirements under the 2012 federal law, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21). MAP-21 established investment strategies and performance targets for a subset of the state highway system. APTech assists these agencies in the development of TAMPs, which include summarizing asset performance, evaluating whole life costs, setting performance targets, and preparing long-term financial plans. APTech has developed TAMPs for state highway agencies (SHAs) that have allowed for more objective and transparent investment decisions using available performance data; created tools and templates that can be used by the agency to be more self-sufficient with future updates to its TAMP; and in one case served as a pilot program for other SHAs.


TAMPs can be customized based on agency requirements. APTech has made customized TAMPs for state highway agencies, such as:


• The Ohio DOT focuses on enhancing existing business processes, which will lead to more objective and transparent investment decisions using available performance data.

• The Nevada DOT process emphasizes the development of tools and templates that can be used by the agency for future updates to its TAMP.


Whether an agency is local, state, provincial, or national, it is constantly challenged to improve services with limited funding, regardless if it is required to respond to MAP-21 or not. APTech uses the most reliable methods for collecting and analyzing data to:


  • Evaluate the condition of transportation assets.
  • Prioritize needs.
  • Conduct an effective assessment of an agency’s strengths and weaknesses.


Managing transportation assets improves decision making capabilities and controls agency costs, allowing the most effective use of time and money. APTech can help establish programs that use software tools to evaluate investment options and to support the best use of available resources.

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