New Mexico Department of Transportation, Aviation Division

Statewide Pavement Management System Update

The results of the 2016 pavement management system update, prepared for the New Mexico Department of Transportation, Aviation Division, are presented in an HTML5-based website (called the "IDEA tool") that is located at this link. Unfortunately, if you are reading this, the IDEA tool has detected that your internet browser is not able to view this site. See the next paragraph for browser compatibility details.

The IDEA tool is an HTML5-based tool that is designed to be viewed within modern internet browsers supporting HTML5. While it should effectively run in any modern web browser supporting HTML5, development and testing has specifically been completed using these common browsers (and versions): Internet Explorer (version 9), Google Chrome (version 30), Mozilla Firefox (version 24), and Safari (version 6.1.2). Note: the IDEA tool should also effectively run within newer versions of these common browsers.

To view the IDEA tool, please upgrade your browser to one of the versions mentioned above (or newer).