AASHTO Pavement ME National Users Group Meeting

October 2017

Registration is open for the second AASHTO Pavement ME National Users Group Meeting. This annual meeting presents a unique opportunity for State Highway Agencies and other stakeholders to discuss issues related to the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide and AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design. In addition to providing a forum for the exchange of information and ideas, the meeting will update participants on improvements to the ME design procedure and software, provide demonstration-based training on new software features and unique design applications, and identify future training, software, and research needs.

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Read up on Every Day Counts "Innovation of the Month: on Pavement Preservation

September 2017

Every Day Counts (EDC) is an Federal Highway Administration initiative to assist state highway associations in identifying and rapidly deploying innovations to speed up the delivery of highway projects and address challenges presented by limited budgets. APTech has supported the EDC program through the develop and delivery of regional workshops on pavement preservation.

Check out EDC’s Innovation Spotlight on pavement preservation, featuring APTech Chief Engineer David Peshkin.



Register for AAAE's Pavement Maintenance and Evaluation Workshop!

August 2017

Co-facilitated by APTech Vice President David Peshkin, September 26–27 in Alexandria, Virginia. Read more.




Clearinghouse of MEPDG-Related Research & Implementation Efforts Published!

July 2017

Check it out on the FHWA website.




APTech Presents at WCPAM in Baveno, Italy

June 2017

APTech engineers are headed to the World Conference on Pavement and Asset Management in Baveno, Italy; June 12–16.


The Conference targets transportation infrastructures and asset management stakeholders. Conference topics relate to the maintenance, preservation and rehabilitation of infrastructure assets, including Pavement Management Systems, data monitoring and performance assessment, economic, environmental and political strategies, life-cycle cost analysis and life-cycle assessment, safety and risk management, innovative design methods and materials, smart infrastructures and Intelligent Transportation Systems, bridge and tunnel pavements.


On June 12, APTech Executive Vice President Katie Zimmerman will present Tutorial 2: Building a Successful Pavement Management Program and Tutorial 3: Challenges and Opportunities for Incorporating Sustainability into Pavement Management. She is also part of the June 13 podium session, A Conceptual Approach to Evaluate Asset Management Trade-Off Decision, and leads the Putting Your Pavement Management System to Work session. Furthermore, Vice President Maggie Covalt will present A Review of State Airport Pavement Management Practices and Airport Pavement Conditions in the United States from 2003 through 2016 on June 13.




APTech Has a New President!

January 2017

In a year of pronounced change, Applied Pavement Technology, Inc. (APTech) is excited to share this news of a planned and orderly transition. On January 1, 2017, Katie Zimmerman turned over day-to-day responsibilities to Monty Wade, APTech’s new President. After founding the Company and serving 21 years as our torchbearer, Katie has nurtured and mentored a new generation of leaders—led by Monty—ready to take on the challenges of the future. She looks forward to continuing to help the Company serve you, our clients and friends, while devoting more time to the growing field of asset management. “I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for APTech in all phases of our work, and I’m really happy that our next group of leaders is ready to step in and take over,” she said.


While Katie’s focus and responsibilities have changed, she certainly isn’t going anywhere! At the corporate level, she’s assumed the role of Executive Vice President and is focusing on strategic initiatives, while continuing to lead APTech’s efforts in asset management. She also continues to serve as Chief Executive Officer and Chair of APTech’s Board of Directors.


Monty Wade joined APTech 19 years ago and most recently served as our Program Director for Commercial Aviation and Department of Defense projects. After earning BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois, Monty has spent his 24-year career as a pavement engineer working on every type of project we do, from research to evaluation to design, for both airfield and roadway clients. He has worked within both the public and private sectors across the United States, collaborated with most of our teaming partners, and been instrumental in APTech’s growth since joining the firm in 1997. He has also been instrumental in managing and strategically guiding the company to the strong position it is in today. He has assembled a strong leadership team which blends the strengths of our founding generation with the skills and enthusiasm of the next.




12th Meeting of the Sustainable Pavements Technical Working Group

December 2016

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is holding the twelfth meeting of the Sustainable Pavements Technical Working Group (SPTWG) in Gainesville, Florida on December 13 and 14. APTech provides organization, coordination, and facilitation to the SPTWG.


APTech engineers Kurt Smith and Prashant Ram are presenting along with other industry experts.  View the meeting agenda here.


The SPTWG was established to integrate stakeholder feedback and input into the FHWA’s pavement sustainability efforts. The purpose of the SPTWG is to provide technical input to the FHWA specific to sustainability and environmental aspects of pavements and materials and to serve as a forum for information sharing and exchange.  The SPTWG is comprised of twenty representatives from key stakeholder groups, including federal and state government, academia, industry, and research institutions.




APTech Employees Get in the Holiday Spirit Through Community Service

December 2016

APTech elves helped spread holiday cheer during Crisis Nursery’s 24th Annual Holiday Shop.  APTech volunteers helped children pick out, purchase, and wrap gifts for their family members.  The proceeds from the Holiday Shop benefit Crisis Nursery and its mission to prevent child abuse and neglect by providing 24-hour emergency care for children and support to strengthen families in crisis.  APTech is a proud supporter of Crisis Nursery throughout the year and raises funds to help the Nursery create Islands of Safety in the community.




APTech's Headquarters on Urbana's Map of Historic Buildings

October 2016


APTech's unique downtown workspace, a historic landmark known as Tiernan's Block, is now part of the City of Urbana, Illinois' Historic Resources Map. This Classical Revival style of architecture, built in 1871 with brick after a devastating downtown fire, is adorned with white terra cotta with a limestone base. The third and fourth floors of Tiernan's Block were used as an opera house in the 19th century. The building also served as a Masonic Lodge for over 100 years. Click here to explore the map and read the history of the building or listen to the audio tour at 115 West Main Street.




APTech Vice President Receives 2016 NASAO President's Award

September 2016


On September 13, at the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) 85th Annual Convention and Tradeshow's Awards Dinner, APTech Vice President Maggie Covalt was presented with the 2016 President's Award by NASAO President Greg Principato.


The President's Award is bestowed annually to an individual outside of the organization who demonstrates outstanding leadership and initiative, and whose contributions significantly enhance the field of aviation. Maggie was honored to receive the award in recognition of her dedication to the field of airport pavement management. "I became involved with NASAO in 1986 and after just a few days of exposure to the organization I knew state aviation officials and those that support them are a very special group. So special that I purposefully structured a career path that would enable me to stay closely connected with the NASAO family.


Please join us in congratulating Maggie on this honor!



Check out the latest in Pavement Sustainability!

September 2016


APTech is at the forefront of pavement sustainability practices, leading research and technology transfer efforts to preserve and extend pavement life. Read these Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) publications featuring our work:


  • The Pavement Life Cycle Assessment Framework report presents a framework for performing a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) specific to pavement systems. Since there is no widely accepted standard that focuses on pavement LCA, this report is crucial first step in the adoption of LCA principles in the nation's pavement community.
  • The Strategies For Improving Sustainability Of Asphalt Pavements and Strategies For Improving Sustainability Of Concrete Pavements tech brief summarize sustainability considerations for asphalt and concrete pavement systems and materials. This guidance enables government agencies and pavement practitioners to consider improvements in each part of a pavement's life cycle, including material extraction and processing, design, construction, use, maintenance/rehabilitation, and end-of-life phases.




APTech to visit U of I and Michigan Tech Career Fairs.

September 2016


We are looking forward to visiting the Urbana, Illinois and Houghton, Michigan campuses this September to meet promising talent. With our competitive salaries and benefits, close-knit office culture, and reputation as a global leader in our field, we attract and retain top individuals in the field. Students: if you're interested in working for APTech, visit our booth!




APTech heads to San Antonio for the 85th Annual NASAO Convention & Tradeshow.

August 2016


APTech is once again a proud sponsor of

NASAO's Annual Convention & Tradeshow.

This year's convention is in San Antonio from September 11 to 13. APTech engineers Maggie Covalt and Kyle Potvin will be on hand at booth #14 to answer statewide airport pavement management questions and discuss the latest in airport pavement management technology. This includes promoting APTech's Interactive Data Exchange Application (IDEA), now being used by 13 states to quickly identify pavement conditions and needs at airports throughout the state.





Make your way to Minneapolis this summer for the 11th National Conference on Transportation Asset Management.

July 2016


APTech engineers are attending the preeminent event in Transportation Asset Management (TAM) from July 10 to 12 in Minneapolis. This year's program includes a variety of topics, from introductory material that will satisfy practitioners who are just getting started to complex investment strategies that will challenge those who are ready to move beyond the basics.


APTech President Katie Zimmerman serves as the Conference's Planning Committee Chair. She is a veteran of TAM research, instruction, and outreach. Her conference activities includes:

Opening Session


Monday, 8:30–10:00 a.m. Ballrooms 2 and 4


Funding Transportation Infrastructure (Moving Beyond MAP-21)

Presenting Leading Management Practices in Determining Funding Levels for Maintenance and Preservation

Monday, 1:30–3:00 p.m. Excelsior Room


Closing Session


Tuesday, 2:45–4:00 p.m., Ballrooms 2 and 4


Brad Allen, P.E. is a Senior Engineer with APTech. He is also a member of the Planning Committee and is participating in the following sessions:


Funding Transportation Infrastructure (Moving Beyond MAP-21)


Monday, 1:30–3:00 p.m., Excelsior Room


Closing Session


Tuesday, 2:45–4:00 p.m., Ballrooms 2 and 4




Prashant Ram, P.E., a Pavement Engineer with APTech, is presenting during the following sessions:


Rapid Fire and Round Table of Demonstrations of Innovation (“How To:” Technical Sessions to Advance the State of Practice)

Presenting Investment Planning for ITS Assets

Monday, 3:30–5:00 p.m., Ballroom 1


Planning and Programming (“How To:” Technical Sessions to Advance the State of Practice)

Presenting Data-Rich but Information-Poor: Taking Those First Steps Toward Quantitative 10-Year Target Setting

Tuesday, 8:00–9:30 a.m., Ballroom 1


APTech's Engineering Associate, Kartik Manda, is presenting during the following session:


How to Manage Your Assets (“How To:” Technical Sessions to Advance the State of Practice)

Presenting A Guide to Collecting, Processing, and Managing Roadway Asset Inventory Data

Monday, 10:30–12 p.m. Ballroom 1








APTech Welcomes Brad Allen!

April 2016


APTech is proud to announce the addition of Brad Allen, P.E. to our team of engineers dedicated to improving the performance of pavements and other transportation assets.  Brad joins APTech as a Senior Engineer on our State/National Agencies team and brings robust experience to our asset management capabilities.  Mr. Allen has over 20 years of transportation experience with the New York State Department of Transportation.  In his most recent position as the Director of the Program Management Bureau, he managed the use of Federal and State funding for the Annual State Construction Program, provided fiscal management of regional programs, and managed the Governor’s 5-year Transportation program.  Mr. Allen is recognized for his exemplary work in transportation asset management and his leadership role in allocating large-scale funding. In addition, Mr. Allen frequently participates on national panels as a recognized expert in pavement materials behavior and maintenance management practices.


“Brad brings highly pertinent and varied highway management experience to this job,” APTech President Katie Zimmerman, P.E. said. “His background in asset management and maintenance, as well as his management of projects with local and national significance, are outstanding assets.  We know that Brad will help us to continue to build and strengthen relationships with new and old clients alike.”


Mr. Allen earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Union College in Schenectady, New York. His career highlights include:


• As Director of the New York State DOT Program Management Bureau, managed funding for the $1.5 to $2.0 Billion Annual State Construction Program.

• Project Manager for New York State DOT’s Transportation Asset Management Plan development.

• Project Manager for New York State DOT Program Information System Software Update.

• Project Manager for New York State DOT Capital Program Support Software Replacement.

• Leader of the New York State DOT Office of Transportation Maintenance, Program Development Unit where he was responsible for providing analysis and support for the development of a $150 million annual budget.

• Chaired the New York DOT/American Concrete Pavement Association subcommittee on PCC pavement friction, texture, and noise.

• Chair of the Implementation Subcommittee for the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Transportation Asset Management Committee, ABC40(3).

• Serves on the TRB Maintenance and Operations Management Committee (AHD10).




APTech Contributes to the National Dialogue on Highway Maintenance

February 2016

We continue to support highway maintenance through a variety of initiatives. These include completing research and training projects on Maintenance Quality Assurance (MQA) field inspection practices and training and certification of highway maintenance workers.


Research: NCHRP Synthesis Reports


NCHRP Synthesis 470 cover

President Katie Zimmerman authored National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 470, "

MQA Field Inspection Practices

," which summarizes practices used by state transportation agencies to support their maintenance investments. The report documents and summarizes:


  • The type of data collected by agencies.
  • The methodology used to assess condition.
  • The processes in place to ensure the quality of the data.


In addition, the synthesis presents information on how the field inspection data are used to report highway condition, estimate budget needs, and establish targeted levels of service.




NCHRP synthesis 483 cover

Nancy Laffey and Katie Zimmerman authored NCHRP Synthesis 483 "

Training and Certification of Highway Maintenance Workers

," which documents front-line maintenance worker training and certification practices for highway transportation agencies in the United States and Canada. The report includes:


  • The types of topics being addressed by training and certification programs.
  • The delivery methods used to provide training.
  • The sources of instruction.
  • The types of material-sharing relationships being utilized to access training.


In addition, the report captures how training is related to performance and the incentives being used by state and provincial agencies to encourage front-line maintenance workers to complete training.



Training: Current Practices in Conduction Field Inspections for MQA Webinar

Maintenance quality assurance field inspection practices webinar image

On Tuesday, March 1, 2016 from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. ET the Transportation Research Board is hosting a webinar on MQA Field Inspection Practices. Katie Zimmerman will be presenting the finding from NCHRP Synthesis 470 and three states will discuss their MQA programs.


At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:


  • Understand the findings from the state survey and interviews, including the type of data collected, the methodology used to assess condition, and the processes in place to ensure the quality of the data.
  • Understand how field inspection data are used to report highway conditions, estimate budget needs, and establish targeted levels of service.
  • Understand the development of MQA programs and their benefits.


A certificate for 1.5 Professional Development Hours will be provided to attendees who register and attend the webinar as an individual.


Register now!




APTech President Katie Zimmerman honored as an Emeritus Member of TRB Committee AFD10

January 2016

Katie Zimmerman honored as emeritus member of TRB committee AFD10 imageOn January 12th, during the 95th meeting of the Transportation Research Board, APTech President Katie Zimmerman was honored as an Emeritus Member of TRB Committee AFD10: Pavement Management Systems.


Committee AFD10 is concerned with the development, evaluation, integration, and application of existing and new systems of pavement management and the component concepts and models for all types of pavements. Katie served as a member of the committee for many years, chaired the committee for 6 years, and served as the chair and a member of the subcommittee responsible for organizing the International Conferences on Managing Pavement Assets.


Katie's endorsements included the following:


"Not only did Katie bring to the committee a strong technical background in all aspects of pavement management, she also brought an infectious attitude for participant involvement and advancement in pavement management through the work of the TRB committee. Her knowledge, skills, and commitment to the advancement of pavement management were pivotal in her selection as an emeritus member of AFD10."



APTech is Attending the 95th Annual TRB Meeting

January 2016

APTech is sending seven attendees to participate in 2016's TRB Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., January 10–14. APTech has a long history of not only regularly attending the Meeting, but also serving on committees and leading presentations. APTech engineers are presiding over several sessions and presenting several topics, including:


•   Sustainable Long-Life Pavement (as part of Workshop 123: Long Life Concrete Pavements).


•   Cross-training for Transportation Maintenance and Operations Workforce (as part of Event 280: Changes in Maintenance and Operations Workforce: New Paradigm).


•   Developing a Correlation Between the Five Pavement Condition Ratings Used by the Federal Lands Management Agencies (as part of Event 713: Management of Pavement Networks).


"TRB is a great opportunity for us every year," APTech President Katie Zimmerman said. "The number and depth of topics presented during the event is spectacular, and the ability to network with so many transportation professionals in one location is a valuable opportunity."


Click here to find out more details about where APTech will be at the conference. Follow APTech on Twitter to see our latest updates during the conference!


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