APTech offers a full range of pavement management services, from the initial system implementation to updating an existing system.


Our staff can also train an agency's in-house staff on the use of the pavement management system. Because of our extensive knowledge of pavement management systems, APTech has been retained by a number of agencies to evaluate pavement management needs and to develop specific recommendations for enhancing their existing capabilities.


APTech has the tools needed to work with an agency to implement the pavement management system that best fits the needs identified by the agency. APTech has access to a number of software programs, including both public domain and proprietary systems. A pavement management system is only successful if it reflects the agency’s policies and practices in the analysis process. APTech has the knowledge and expertise needed to help an agency evaluate whether its pavement management capabilities can be enhanced to better meet the agency’s expectations. Whether this means the acquisition of new pavement management software, or the enhancement of existing pavement management models, APTech provides its clients with informed and objective recommendations for improving existing capabilities.

Interactive Data Exchange Applications

idea screenshot

APTech develops Interactive Data Exchange Applications (IDEAs) for many clients. These programs combine the use of maps, photographs, and links, allowing the viewer to quickly identify pavement conditions and needs at a specific airport or throughout the state. These programs can be run directly from a CD or easily hosted on a website.

We are working to make local agency IDEA examples available.  To get a general idea of what the application provides, see our airport pavement management page.

Recent Projects


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